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Hello and Welcome. My name is James Shaver I have been doing sculpture and airbrush painting regularly over the past couple of years, and also repair/repaint customers latex masks/ resin models that need a refreshing.

I worked Over The Roadtruck driver for over 15 years and due to a work related injury, have been at home until I was formally laid off due their restructuring of routes and States they hire from and my old route and State were part of this restructure.

Prior to this, I had been working at digital/3D printing and hobby taxidermy where I did sculpting spasmodically for a few years prior as I had time on my hometime 3 day breaks,once monthly

I thoroughly enjoy getting out into my workshop with the various creations as it gives me enjoyment, balance, peace in my spirit and great satisfaction to my customers whom request the sculpture they pay for and they can watch via live video as I work on it to their specifications and then send out and if close enough will deliver personally to them, and often receiving a photo where they are displaying their new piece of art, which to me always looks better than my finished photo to them

I have uploaded all my video's that I have worked on projects to my Youtube Page along with other interesting video's of attending Conventions, meeting some famous artists, movie stars. Don't forget to Subscribe to my Channel to receive updated video's as I upload them.

One of my wife's favourite sculptures, the Triceratops displayed on customers wall and photo shared.

You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Etsy for which the links are down this page


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