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Hello and Welcome to Karolina Kiwi Website, we are your host Amanda Martin-Shaver and my husband James Shaver
Please navigate your way around via the Menu on the left, I try to keep our website up dated but there are several pages I have not got around to as what started out as a bit of a hobby to put my poetry, recipes and interests on and even graphics as I learned to make them - soon became quite a large website than I ever envisioned.
We have moved 27 August 2018 from our Website Birddogs Profits, to this new one under our new name so all our old content will still be under this site as I had everything transferred over to our new host site as our old host server is closing its doors in mid September 2018.

Why Karolina Kiwi, I am a New Zealander and we refer to ourselves as Kiwi's and Karolina with a K, James is born and bred from North Carolina so it just seemed to make sense and to incorporate all our Hobbies, livestyle, farm under one heading

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Amanda Martin-Shaver